A few days ago, Anthony Reimer posted to his blog about Recognition, Retirement, and Remembrance. I suggest you give it a read. I don’t have much to say about Retirement and Remembrance, but I do feel I have a lot to say about recognition. While we don’t have any formal place to acknowledge recognition, I feel I can do so here.

First off, I should thank:

  • Anthony Reimer

I’ve gotten to know Anthony over the past few years. My last trip to MacAdmins we got to spend some time together in person and chat about everything and anything. He’s very knowledgable and extremely supportive of the community. While he’s not in Toronto, he does hang out in #toronto on slack, which has led to us getting to know one another better. Since the pandemic, he’s been coming to #toronto’s virtual meetups helping to bring a cross-Canada presence to the group. He’s also one of the few EDU folks, as such, faces a lot of the things I do.

I guess if we’re talking about one person in #toronto, we should talk about more:

  • Nathan, David, Jim, and Brad
  • Brian, François, Armin, “Gerk,” Meg, Colin, Ron, Nick, Dave, Ben, Alex, Sean, Codey, Dmitriy, Joseph, Ross, MatX, and Jason (and more who I’ve probably missed)

I’m trying to be careful here and respect people’s privacy. So I’m just putting down first names, or for someone who once requested in another blog post that I just use his screen name, I’ve used his screen name. The first group of people are on the MacBrainedYYZ committee with me. Together we plan meetups and these people are kind, funny, and wonderful to deal with. Together we have a fantastic group and they help keep #toronto a lively place with a lot of energy. When I first joined #toronto, it was dead. There was no one there.

They’ve helped open the doors to a lot of the people in the second row. I’d already really like to acknowledge Brian for always knowing everything I could ever want about Google Workspace. François for always being around for troubleshooting, and reminding me to file bug reports with Apple. Armin and Gerk for their incredible knowledge for scripting and always being happy to help with a novice like me.

I did a brief co-op during my high school days at Apple Canada. I worked with quite a few people there, most I bet are not at Apple any more. This was 1998 after all. But I’m going to thank:

  • Tony
  • Greg

I’ve got to work with some incredible people under me at my current place of employment, in chronological order:

  • Daniel
  • Shaun
  • Audrie

They’ve been fantastic. I’m really lucky to have worked with these three, and they’ve helped me out so much. They all have a very different set of skills and are all awesome.

When I worked at an Apple Authorized Reseller, I got to work with some great people, amongst those I want to point out:

  • Graeme
  • Vince

Graeme, Vince and I got really close and have forged a deep friendship. We all now work in EDU and are there to always help one another out.

MacAdmins community members not in #toronto:

Robert is always there to provide advice and is a fantastic sounding board. I recall my first time speaking at Penn State, he was in the room as I was preparing, and was able to offer his sage wisdom.

Adam just seems to know everything about everything. He’s the top contributor in #mosyle and one of the admins for the whole MacAdmins slack. Rich is just an endless resource of both hard and soft skills for MacAdmins, his documentation sessions at Penn State are both hilarious and informative. He’s also so open to share.

Former boss:

  • Matthew

A great guy, but also, I don’t think I’d have a career without him and his guidance.

All of you get, what I’m going to call this award, an Ankie. This is a community worth recognizing, so thank you all.

Doctor Who Story 296 – Revolution of the Daleks

God, is my memory so bad that I barely remember “Resolution” which I watched 8 days ago?

That was quite the deep swig of burning hot tea. You can even see the steam rising from the thermos.

Captain Jack is in the opening titles. Good for him.

Doctor Who needs to stop pretending humans are so dumb they never remember Daleks.

Especially someone in government.

Ahh, the Doctor in jail due to the Jadoon.

Poor Ood in jail.

That’s a lot of ticks. The Doctor has been there a while.

I like the look of this TARDIS.

At least someone remembers what a Dalek is.

Where are the rest of the companions? They all know what a Dalek is.

I love that Jack is breaking the Doctor out.

Dont clone Daleks, you dumb bastard.

The Jack and Yas relationship is nice.

Being with the Doctor, you don’t get to choose when it stops.

Poor Jack.

It’s not a beanie, it’s a toque.

I thought Leo was familiar. He was in Misfits and Utopia.

He’s sad about Leo?

This is a bad idea, Doctor.

How is “Maximum extermination” sending out other Daleks to kill mutant Daleks. Wouldn’t maximum extermination be destroying Earth?

Yas, she was in prison… for decades.

Graham and Ryan are adorable. I’m going to miss them.

Always on grass, always on a cliff. Bad place to teach someone to ride a bike.

Doctor Who Story xx – Farewell, Sarah Jane & Daleks!

Farewell, Sarah Jane

Oh, this is a story! It’s about Sarah Jane, not Elisabeth.

Apparently every companion came to her service.

Haha! Random tricker plot as a side note.

This is nicer than I expected.


Clive’s grown up!

Aww, Luke has a picture of him with him mum framed.

They keep saying him about the Doctor, she’s a she.

The Archive of Islos

Well, the animation is shit, and it looks more like Star Wars than Doctor Who.

Why does that space Dalek have a hullahoop around it?

Do you wish to apply for a membership card?

Robot to Dalek

So far only Daleks and Robots have spoken, and if this series continues like this, I will hate it.

The way Daleks move on the spot when chatting is reminding me of a a little kid who needs to pee.

There’s a lot of long silences for a 14 minute episode.

The Sentinel of the Fifth Galaxy

The green blob is after the Daleks. Now it feels like original Star Trek. That would be better.

Now I want to write comedy shows where we just replace the audio from animated Star Trek.

Oh shit, Green Blob is massacring Skaro.

It must be Fun to voice the DaLEKKKKS! So much UPTAAAALK!

It’s Dalek Stonehenge. Perhaps the most famous of the henges.

That’s some heavy Dalek on Dalek action.

Green Blob is still after them.

Planet of the Mechanoids

More robots. So many robots in this show talking to one another.

Really? These Daleks can’t wait five minutes?

The Deadly Ally

Green blobs are coming for you.

Why do Daleks go extinct so often?

Do you think the Mechanoids will kill the two remaining Daleks? Find out next time on, Daleks!

Day of Reckoning

So the Doctor is not there because she’s not involved in every aspect of Dalek history. However, she is immortal, has lived more lives than the 13 we know. So on a large enough timescale, the Doctor will be there for every instance of Dalek history.

If the Mechanoids really wanted to make the Daleks extinct, they should have just killed them while they were on their planet.

See, now there’s all these other Daleks, that was just stupid.

Shoot the emperor!

The animation is garbage.

So, that was a thing. I don’t recommend watching it.

Doctor Who Story 295 – Ascension of the Cybermen/The Timeless Children

Ascension of the Cybermen

Oh. That was good. The opening credits inside the eye of the decapitated Cyberman.


This might be the most visceral war we’ve ever seen in Doctor Who.

It’s the story of a collaborator. 

This might be the first time the Cybermen seemed capable of harm. 

Graham being proud of saving these humans is great. 

Vent the atmosphere, Yas!

The Master!!!

The Timeless Children

They killed one of the last humans. 

Is that a stargate at the top of the stairs?

Don’t make me cry Graham!!! Yas is awesome and the humans are totally better than the Doctor. 

So many child actors are now canonically the Doctor. 

Ryan is great. 

I think this Cyberman forgot the “benevolent” in the benevolent A.I. dictator. 

Yes! Graham calls the helmet a hat! I like that because I call pot lids hats. 

CyberTimeLords are beautiful. 

The Doctor (and the universe) are in a pickle. 

That’s a lot of eye makeup for a woman in the end times. 

I want to watch Jo Martin’s Doctor. 

I enjoy when TARDISes have working chameleon circuits. 

Doctor Who Story 294 – The Haunting of Villa Diodati

Lord Byron and Mary Shelley, I know who one of those is, and I’ve heard of the other.

I’m 33 minutes into this episode. This is all I’ve written so far.

Doctor Who Story 293 – Can You Hear Me?


Doc’s been getting a bit squirmy, running off to do personal stuff and leaving the companions behind. If they’re your best friends, maybe tell them about yourself. That’s what friends do.

Doctor Who Story 292 – Praxeus

If I continue two a day, I’ll be done my Doctor Who rewatch at the end of the week.

Oh, I remember this episode. It was one of the environmental ones that were hitting the audience over the head with a baguette.

Did she just say a talking cat in Ontario? Is it Moki?

This episode is boring.

Running on sand is the worst. The Doctor should know not to park there.

Doctor Who Story 291 – Fugitive of the Judoon

I don’t love the Judoon, though I do quite their first appearance.

Well, something’s going to go wrong with this couple. And enter the Doctor and friends.

Creepy bartender creeping.

Oh yeah, Captain Jack! I like him thinking that Graham is the Doctor.

Jack being giddy when he finds out the Doctor is a woman is great.

Three of you? I had a dream about this once.

Captain Jack about the the Doctor’s companions

I’m bored by the A story. It’s okay, but all the stories are a bit meh, and one is fun with Captain Jack.

Oh, I forgot that she’s the Doctor.

Ahh, rewriting the entire Doctor Who mythology. But now they can make anyone the Doctor.

Doctor Who Story 290 – Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror

Good moustache, glowing eyes guy.

So many great moustaches.

It’s the guy from Hustle. Whose brother is Gene Hunt.

Is that the spider lady from “Runaway Bride?”

Apparently the spider is Anjli Mohindra who played Rani in Sarah Jane.

Oh, she’s not the same species as the Spiders from Mars.

The baddie is a Pakled.

Rani! Stop being a naughty girl. Sarah Jane would be so pissed.

Doctor Who Story 289 – Orphan 55

I think something’s gonna go wrong.

Ryan’s infection from the Hopper virus was great.

The Doctor needs to stop sexualizing Hyph3n.

The baddie looks terrible.

Also, poor Hyph3n.

Ooo! Mind meld!

I forgot how heavy-handed this episode of Doctor Who is. Here’s a hammer, here’s an explanation of global warming, go to town.